Semi Finals Coming Up!

It seems kind of unreal that I'm going to be in the semi- finals of Australia's Got Talent.
Only a few more days to go and i get to stand before an audience and give, I hope, a performance that will secure me a place in the finals.

I really want to be there and I didn't realise just how much until I stood in front of 2000 people at the Regent Theatre and got the hunger again.

It seems now like the rest of my life is on hold until then.

I'd gotten used to the idea that I'd be a retailer until I retired or died... whichever came first but this experience has changed my outlook completely and the reactions I've gotten from so many people has been staggering.

Not one negative comment... everyone has been so supportive and loving and increased my belief in myself.

Thank you all so much.


Steve Romig