Steve Romig & Mike Kelly. “The Friday Sessions” CD Review. April 2007
by Red Herring.

The Friday Sessions” is the latest release from Steve Romig and his good friend and musical comrade Mike Kelly. The CD features two other, well-known musicians namely Wilbur Wilde and Jim Keays along with several others who should be well-known. Kaye Harrison rates a big mention on backing vocals as does Chris Prank who does a great Piano and Piano accordian.
Apart from guitars and lead vocals Steve himself plays mandolin, tin whistle, cavaquinhos (direct translation – “small piece of wood” but commonly known as a ukulele), whistleing, washboard, chest … you get it? … lots of stuff.

And not forgetting Mike Kelly who wrote and does lead vocals on “Mamma’s Little Babies”, which is kind of joyous ‘Little Featish" dedication to love and parenthood. Mike also plays a bucket load of stuff on this CD including Drumst, percussion, various keyboards and lots of backing vocals.

The album is all about Steve Romig being a talented songwriter and musician. The standout track for me is the opening track “Way Down Homeless Blues”. It really is a knockout and captures the spirit of black American blues and gospel. It’s set up by moody, brooding and lowdown vocals and guitars and when the backing vocals land, they land like a giant flying saucer, uplifting and paramount. This track is best listened to loud.

“Turn up your Radio” features Jim Keays on harmonica and is a bluesy version of the classic “Masters Apprentices” tune. It works really well. Then comes  “Lonely”, a beautifully written and performed tune “Mamma’s Little Babies” brings back the fire then “The Mistress” has the tone of an Irish folk song and shows Steve’s eclectic taste and writing abilities.

“Everybody’s Got Their Way” and the second cover version on the CD “Key to the Highway” get me back with it. “Everybody’s got their way” is a catchy, earthy and very memorable tune. “Body on my mind” works really well and then the mood switches back with” Silent Wonder”. At least this time I’m ready for a ballad. “She’s alright” gets rockin’ again and “Leavin’ Here Today” gets lowdown and soulful with great uplifting vocals again. I’m dancing (on the inside) with “Backdoor Man”.  “My soul’s beloved” is a moving blues lament and the CD ends with the sweet and wistful track “Sleep”.

Steve Romig wrote 11 of the 14 tunes on “The Friday Sessions” and this CD proves he is a talented songwriter, lyricist and performer.

By Red Herring, April 2007. 


Billy Pinnell – Music Australia Guide Online
Steve Romig          

1 Dec 2004
After a long apprenticeship as a backing musician and opening act for Renee Geyer, Tommy Emmanuel and Daryl Braithwaite, singer / songwriter / guitarist Steve Romig finally takes centre stage with his excellent debut release. A singer / musician of Romig’s caliber could have taken the easy route on his first journey into solo- land instead he’s shown flair and imagination in his choice of arrangements on fourteen original songs.

The gospel / blues inspired ‘Daddy Come Down’ features a sparse dobro. Acoustic slide accompanies his voice on ‘Sometimes’.

Mike Rudd’s bluesy harmonica bobs up on ‘Night And Day’ and there’s a Chinese violin on ‘Take You Back’.

‘Ain’t Gonna Be Your Dog’ is a nod to Big Joe Turner, while ‘I Wanna Touch You’ and ‘Old Friend’ are vehicles for Romig’s strong, melodic voice.

One of this year’s standout debuts heralds the arrival of a talented all-rounder.


Review Mixdown Magazine March 2004

Touch” – Sound Vault/ Independent

There’s not a single thing you could flaw in this recording. It really is a quietly confident and beautifully executed piece of work. Romig has managed to capture some incredible ‘real’ sounds, especially in the dynamics and tones of his guitar playing.

You could file “Touch” under any branch of adult oriented music you like, and you still couldn’t put a finger on what it is he does. Fans of anyone from Simply Red, Simon and Garfunkle and the modern gospel/ blues- influenced acts will find him a real treat. He is undoubtedly a gifted singer and songwriter, and I have to say, tracks like “Sometimes” have enough to make you close your eyes and reconsider things in your own life. Any piece of music that can do that is testimony to this man’s heart.

There are funkier bloozier tracks that definitely have groove and a sense of fun- but Romig’s true talent shines in the slower moments where it’s just his soulful husky voice and resonant strings of his instrument.

I advise those of you after the kind of music they just don’t make anymore to seek him out on You will be rewarded in the listening.

Nick Snelling, Editor

Industry People say:

"Steve Romig is in the top 1% of vocalists in this country. Few musicians have the soul and blues of this incredibly talented singer." James Roche (Bachelor Girl)

I wanted to work with Steve because I was so touched by the songs – they just made me feel so much….incredibly moving..” Doug Brady (triple ARIA Award-winning sound engineer)

"I'll never forget the first time I heard Steve's voice - it knocked me for a six. The resonance, soul and tone in this man's voice makes him world class. A great song-writer too." Tania Doko, (lead singer of Bachelor Girl)

I have been a fan of Steve's for nearly 20 years. Both his talents - singer and songwriter stand out. The lyrics on the album are enormously sensitive but Steve never loses his sense of humour, even though it can sometimes be very black. I wish I could write songs as well as Steve Romig.
Mike Brady, (Singer-Songwriter & Music Publisher)

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