If there's a song in it let me write it!!!

 I've performed at a few wedding ceremonies and people have asked me to sing my own songs, because they fit a certain sentiment or the bride or groom relate to the song in some way, and i always thought it would be really cool to write a song that was specific to the ocassion. 
Something about how they met, fell in love, the things that are special about the relationship how they feel about each other.
I can still perform an existing song and it's still great but the great thing about this is I can record your special song, organise for copies to be made for your guests including artwork and make this something you can keep to remember the day.
I did this once for a friend of mine from the United States and 30 years later they still listen to the primitive recording I made in New Zealand by multi tracking into 2 cassette recorders.
Of course the equipment I have today is far more sophisticated and you can hear examples of recordings I've produced on my music download page.
It doesn't stop there though.
I thought "What about anniversaries or landmark birthdays?" The possibilities are endless........ 

So if you've got something special and there's a song in it, let me write it for you.

Steve Romig Songwriter

John Farnham singing Take You Back

Frank Sablotny and I wrote this one

 What a thrill to have one of the greatest singers that has ever lived performing my song live on Australian television.

I wrote this one!!

Lyn Challands organised this video for me. This song was also performed by John Farnham but you can get this version on my touch album.( see downloads.)